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A rainy day. Amsterdam (Montgomery County), New York State. 1941 October.
Grand Central Terminal. New York City, New York State. 1941 October.
Three members of ladies' quintette at community sing. Pie Town, New Mexico. 1940 June.
Second-hand tires displayed for sale. San Marcos, Texas. 1943 March.
Young boy standing in the doorway of his home on Seaton Road in the northwest section. His leg was cut off by a streetcar while he was playing in the street. Washington, D.C. 1942 June.
A Detroit auto graveyard. Junked autos and trucks to be shipped to scrapyards and then to the Great Lakes Steel Plant. Detroit, Michigan. 1941-1942.
Salvage. Chicago automobile graveyard. Idle scrap: it belongs in the scrap. Covering well over an acre of ground, this automobile graveyard in Chicago holds tons of vital scrap metal and rubber for which Uncle Sam has urgent need in the manufacture of armaments and other war materials. Chicago, Illinois. 1942 July.
Conservation. Scrap iron and steel. An automobile graveyard outside Baltimore, Maryland. Scrapped cars are collected in such yards in every state. Usable parts are stripped from the chassis and the remainder of the car is sent to scrap iron dealers for processing and shipment to steel mills. 1941 August.
Senyora Maria Vial de Prieto petting gaucho's horse prique, in a wheat field in Chile. 1940.
Street scene in New York City. New York State. 1896-1942.