Migrant Laborer

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Haircut. Migrant packinghouse workers. Near Canal Point, Florida. 1939 February.
Vernon Evans (with his family) of Lemmon, South Dakota. Leaving grasshopper-ridden and drought-stricken area for a new start in Oregon or Washington. Expects to arrive at Yakima in time for hop picking. Live in tent. Makes about two hundred miles a day in Model T Ford. Near Missoula, Montana on Highway 10. 1936 July.
Fruit tramps from California who have come to the Yakima Valley for apple thinning. Yakima, Washington. 1936 July.
Interior of fruit worker's tent. Yakima, Washington. 1936 July.
Once a Missouri farmer, now a migratory farm laborer on the Pacific Coast. California. 1936 February.